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Mayfair Notaries offers fast, accurate, and efficient notary public services in London. We understand the unique needs of our clients, providing expert document authentication and signature certification. If you’re seeking a professional, efficient, and cost-effective notary in London, we are the ideal choice.

Located in the prestigious Mayfair district, our expertise in all aspects of notary and document legalisation ensures a simple and swift solution for your needs.

Notary Services in London

Explore our range of industry-leading notarisation services.

Notary Public

Our leading notary public service in London is tailor-made for both private individuals and businesses to cover everyone’s needs.


Our affordable apostille and document legalisation services offer a fast and smooth process for getting your documents attested.

Mobile Notary Services

We understand that our clients lead a busy lives, so we provide a visiting notary public service across London.

Why are we considered as the top Notary Public in London?


We charge our clients on a very reasonable basis and aim to provide the most affordable notary services in London.


We aim to provide the fastest solutions for your needs without compromising the quality of our notarial services.


We have specialist knowledge and confidence in dealing with various notary matters for both individuals and businesses.


Our approach is to simplify complex matters for our clients and ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

Mayfair Notaries in London

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